photo: Becca J.R. Lachman (her family farm, Ohio)
photo: Becca J.R. Lachman (her family farm, Ohio)
photo: Becca J.R. Lachman (her family farm, Ohio)

Work with me in Athens, Ohio:

During my decade-long career in higher education, I've worked with undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. Mentoring or "coaching" students new to the United States or Ohio has been especially rewarding since learning about other cultures is a passion of mine.

I've been an international student myself and know how daunting and even isolating the experience can be--just as it can also be deeply transforming. 

So what does "coaching" look like? In a typical session, 2-5 people (usually a small group of women) meet in my home in SE Ohio, where we work together on American English language and writing skills while discussing themes ranging from food to transportation to health.  

I started hosting coaching sessions when most of the international students I worked with shared how they never visited an American household during their studies, or how difficult it can be--especially for wives or partners of international students--to reach out to Americans with the hope of learning more about everyday interactions and the local culture in general.

A coaching session lasts for two (2) hours and includes a mixture of tutoring, teaching, storytelling, and mentoring tailored to the individual or group. The atmosphere is relaxed, supportive, and lively, and I prepare writing and vocabulary handouts + activities matched to participants' interests and needs. 

Cost: $35/hr, split between group members. 
-A full course: 10 weeks, 1 session per week.
-Half course: 5 weeks, 1 session per week.
-Individual sessions on select themes

Email me to set up an introductory meeting!